Nutrition & Wellness

A healthy body is determined by more than just the vitals listed in your records. At Clinton County Medical Center, our physicians focus on providing healthcare services that treat the whole person comprehensively. By focusing on the body, mind and environment, our physicians and patients develop goals that make the St. Johns community stronger as a whole.

Nutrition Services

Diabetes Counseling

CCMC encourages newly diagnosed patients to use our Diabetes Counseling services. Being diagnosed with diabetes can be unsettling. It often requires special medication, regular self-administered blood sugar testing and a commitment to a dietary change. We teach you how to take control and best manage your diagnosis, so you learn how to listen to your body and stabilize your blood sugar levels in a healthy way.

Weight Loss Program

CCMC has a registered dietician on staff. She assists people with health-related issues due to weight or cardiovascular complications that require diet modification.

Our new weight loss program is designed the meet each patient’s individual needs and health goals. It includes voluntary classes, a well-tested curriculum and a nutrition/coach to guide your weight loss journey.

Psychological Services

Depression can often present itself in the form of physical symptom. General practitioners report that many patients are identifying symptoms of depression during office visits. Comprehensive care is the cornerstone of Clinton County Medical Center. CCMC Psychological Services meets the mental health needs of the St Johns community to enhance their quality of life through counseling, therapy and treatment.

Better Living Resources

At CCMC, we believe that a medical home should be a trusted partnership between a doctor-lead health care team and an informed patient. A team of well-educated professionals, referred to as the Better Living department, are here to make your experience at CCMC as pleasant as possible. This dedicated team assists our patients in reaching their health goals, understanding their diagnosis and connecting them with helpful community resources.

Our care managers work directly with patients to meet individual needs beyond standard healthcare services. Appointments are available for management of chronic conditions like diabetes, weight loss and hypertension, and also to match patients with the appropriate services to meet their needs.

Please call us to make an appointment.