About Us

Welcome to Clinton County Medical Center

At Clinton County Medical Center,  a dedicated team of medical professionals , led by a personal physician, coordinates care and identifies medical and community resources to meet our patients’ health needs. Our patient-centered medical home approach broadens access to primary care, while enhancing care coordination for each part of the patient’s life.

Patient-Centered Medical Home

Our patient-centered medical home (PCMH) approach to healthcare means patients have one central location where wellness, counseling and preventative screenings are readily available. A medical home sets the foundation for a solid partnership between you and your provider to regularly assess your heath and work together to achieve goals. A strong foundation of honest and open communication allows us to maintain an accurate picture of your health, including conditions, medications, coverage and contact information.

Comprehensive Care & Services

For decades, Clinton County Medical Center has tended to the health needs of families in St. Johns and the surrounding communities. Our providers include general practice doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses and therapists with a broad range of skills and specialties. To conveniently and effectively meet the healthcare needs of the greater St. Johns community, our practice has grown to include on-site lab services, wellness and nutrition programs and services, x-ray and ultrasound services and a psychological services practice.

Community Commitment

We understand that our practice does not operate in a vacuum. What happens in our community has an effect on us and on our patients. We recognize the needs and challenges that our patients face as residents of St. Johns and Clinton County. That is why we include additional information in our waiting areas and online about local resources that could assist our patients in their pursuit of good health.

Mission Statement

At Clinton County Medical Center, we provide extraordinary patient care in a comfortable and safe atmosphere with advanced medical technology.