Nutrition and Wellness

CCMC has both a nutritionist and a dietician on staff. Together they can assist people with health-related issues due to overweight or cardiovascular complications that require diet modification.

Diabetes Counseling

A diagnosis of diabetes is often unsettling for a patient. The diagnosis may require special medication, regular blood sugar self-administered testing, and a commitment to a dietary change. CCMC encourages Diabetes Counseling to get our patients with this diagnosis on the right track.

Weight Loss Program

Our Healthy Weight/Healthy Heart program offers regularly scheduled classes, a well-tested curriculum and a nutrition/coach to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Meal Replacement

At CCMC we offer a meal replacement program that helps individuals with big weight loss goals get a good start. Meal replacements are very low calorie and are most often combined with lean and green food choices. This program is not recommended without periodic medical oversight.

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